Too Cute To Work

OMG who would have thought that pretty really hurts?! Can you believe that I am finding trouble landing a job because I am cute. I mean what the fudge yo! Who does that!?! So here’s the story…. Earlier on my podcast I talked about getting a job so that I could support my passions. I […]

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Do you believe in sisterhood!? I want to, but I just keep getting disappointed by some females to be honest. I love everyone, but you fake snakes, liars, & jealous mofos gotta go in the trash where you belong. That’s just how I’m feeling yah heard me. Get y’all minds right. This show is all […]

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Welcome to the first episode of the Ms Yvonne show (kinda). Y’all I’m back!!! This episode is all about getting your mind right on a Monday. Walk with me, talk with me, but more importantly listen to me; I need that. I hope that you enjoy the show. Feel free to follow me on Instagram […]

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Getting To The Root

As I looked across the room, looking at the men that were inundated with diseases.  I thought to myself, “I wonder why they are sick?”  Each of the 3 men had their own stories and I was interested in finding out the root of their problem. They all suffered from the same disease, one more […]

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A Thin Line BEtween Love & Hate

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Today I am realizing how true the saying goes “There’s A Thin Line Between Love & Hate”.  Have you ever loved someone so much you almost hated them?  Have you loved so hard that the pain that you feel has turned your love into hate? I have or shall I say I […]

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