So today I woke up and I just felt the need to do some free advising. I try to mind my business and not get into the affairs of others, but I do believe that I should help my brothers and sisters out. 

Some of them are lost in the sauce and may not want to admit that they need a wise counselor. That’s understandable, especially in the black community. However, if you never reach your full potential and you do not accomplish the mission that God set you on this earth to do…then what was it really all for?!

This coaching session is aimed to clear confusion, break the ties that have you bound, shed light on your situation, and edify the body of Christ. This is meant to build you up not to tear you down, nor to condemn you, but to enlighten you. We need you to be the best you that you can be. Amen!

So without further delay lets jump right into this….

1. Jamie Foxx – Why have you not built an empire as large, if not larger than Tyler Perry?!? You are a superb actor who knows the ins and outs of the business. You have the power to change lives, teach people, direct movies and fully push the creative boundaries.

2. Beyonce – You were placed in the Queen position. Your position was not just for you and yours to shine alone. Your position allows you to draw up resources to help God’s Children. You alone can summons BILLIONS of dollars from all over the world to help people, to save people, to feed and bless people who really need it. You have the power to create a clear channel that actually really gives the people their funds. Not the ones who when you turn your back use the money for their own personal agendas and not really funneling the money out.

3. Denzel – Are you a Preacher yet? We need your words. Your experience. Your wisdom. It has so much value. The words that come out of your mouth hold weight. You are the truth and a light among the darkness. We need you to shine brighter!!! You got this!

4. Oprah – You have done a whole lot. You have accomplished so much. Now it’s time to focus on something urgent…we need you in the Justice department. You know salt from sugar..we need you to help orchestrate the legal system to be better, fair, and more effective than ever before. You could be using your resources to set the captives free. Trust and believe you will still receive accolades and blessings from doing so. The innocent need someone to fight for them.

5. Tyler Perry – Never forget where you came from. You don’t leave your family or your community hanging. Now that you are safe and secure we need you to feed the flock of God. We need you to love on New Orleans. You know firsthand that New Orleans people are very talented, skilled, passionate, and loving. You also know that New Orleans has been stripped of it’s money and resources by people who come and take from us and never give back. Maybe God has elevated you for such a time as this. Take care of home…. Home needs you. Imagine if you sold your empire to Jamie Foxx and then rebuilt it again at Jazzland….Do you know the amount of money, resources, fame and fortune you could bring into the city? A city that loves you? A place where you truly fit and belong.

6. 50 Cent – Why do you not own one of the BIGGEST Marketing Firms in the World?! Your marketing mastery is a gift and should be used to uplift the community. You could use your marketing talents to propel people, projects, movies etc to higher heights. Your gift isn’t just for you. It’s needed…your marketing alone is a powerful force to be reckoned with please use it wisely.

7. Katt Williams – Cut the Crap. Shake The Demons Off and Get Back on Stage. The world needs your truth. Your boldness. Your comedy. The real ones have it hard and I know that you know that. Rise above the hate. Become the King of Comedy that you are made to be. You are an excellent comedian and actor. Hone in on your skills and don’t give up on yourself. Do not self-sabotage. The world needs your voice and your truth. Lift your head up King.

8. Usher – Get your mind right. Get a better group of friends. Separate yourself from the dark and step into the light. You are not reaching deep enough inside of you to find out who you really are….You are more than a sex symbol. You are a poster child. Men want to be you and women want to be with you. Push Usher Push. Push past passion and dive into the depths of your soul. You’ve only scratched the surface of who you truly are. We need you to live up to your full self. Do not let your past, your failures, your inflictions stop you. Rise above the hate, the jealousy, the evil eye and become a great man of God. You can do this! I believe in you!!! You need some real real love in your life. If you need to be replenished go to New Orleans for a little while. Let the people there minister to your heart and soul. Don’t just take tho, give back to them, love on them too, brag on them, shower them with affection. Love flows, love pours, love should be reciprocated. Go get you some genuine love, then apply that to your personal life, then sing it loud from the depths of your soul. Your voice is Magic, don’t let it go to waste because of the enemy.

9. Cedric The Entertainer – Come out of hiding… you have the power to bring family back together. You can start another fly show illuminating black love. Ceddy Bear and Terri J. Vaughn could make a come back. A spinoff show. A show that focuses on love, family, and non-toxic relationships.

10. Jay-Z – Break the curses put on you and your family. You are fighting generational curses and you’re kinda losing. You are slowly becoming what hurt you and that’s not okay. Rise above the hurt, the disappointments, the backbiting, the secret battles that float inside of you that people do not see, cannot understand and win for real for real. You have the keys to the door of success. Allow God to use you to let the light in and destroy the darkness. Do not become a part of the evil become a part of the solution. Use your power for good. Greed will kill you.

11. Robin Givens – You’ve been through a lot. You’ve overcome a lot of pain and agony. Use your God Given class to teach young ladies how to be classy women. No matter what you’ve been through, your class has never been in question. You have remained classy throughout time. Now we need you to teach it to others. How to remain classy in the midst of chaos. You could have an awesome YouTube channel, you could have an etiquette school etc…. Use your talents to edify the body of Christ.

12. Drew Sidora – please do not fall victim to vanity. You can rise to very high heights with your beauty and your talents if only you don’t get involved with the hype. The world can love you today and hate you tomorrow. Stay rooted and grounded as you rise in the industry. You have the skills to become one of the greatest. Just remember to Keep God First and All these things will be added unto you. He has chosen you to represent beautiful women with standards and values. You get to show that good girls/women still exist. Know that your success comes from your Father and his favor. Use it wisely and do your best to not get the big head. If you find yourself thinking of yourself too much, go outside to missions and volunteer your time. You will feel refuled in your soul with a refreshed perspective. Rise up beautiful Queen. Hollywood needs your freshness.

 13. Vivica Fox – Don’t give up. Don’t give up on love. Don’t give up on life. Don’t give up on you. Don’t give up on your career. There’s a space for you. There’s a voice for you. You have been abandoned emotionally, but you can overcome that. You have to in order to become the woman that God has designed you to be. You are a strong woman, who must show through your actions that strong women pick up the stones that were thrown at them and build an empire. Your pain was made to purify you. Rise above the pain, the disappointment, the embarrassment, and the emotional baggage. Let what doesn’t serve you go. You are a leader in the industry. You are supposed to go down in history as a legend and icon. Please do so honey. Secret – once you become love…you will receive it and then you will spark others to do the same. No talk all action.

14. Terri J. Vaughn – PUSH!!!! PUSH!!! You are full of great acting, knowledge, wisdom, and sweetness. Do not let this harsh world dim your light. You are special and you know it. You are different and you feel it. You have a truth and a light inside of you that needs to be intensified and shared more. Pick up the pace, pick up the deals, and pick up your spirit. In all thy ways acknowledge God and He will direct your paths (Proverbs 3:6 KJV). He will never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5 NIV). You were called to acting. You are a light. Shine bright.

15. Renelle Janvier – Rise Up the world needs you. You’re a breath of fresh air that the world is waiting for. Your job is to go to Hollywood and to take back EVERYTHING that the devil stole. You are the real diamond amongst the imposters. You are to shine brighter than most because of your heart, soul, and zeal for the Lord. In loving Him, honoring Him, and obeying Him you will fly to new heights, new levels, and create a platform that has never been seen before. You are the light in the darkness…Shine on baby girl.

16. Brandan O. – You are failing in your position and not doing God’s will. You will pay for your wrongdoings because you are held at a higher standard than most. You must repent and turn from the evil that’s been deposited into your spirit. You are a light and King of Kings. If you fail, then you fail the world. You fail your community. You are the GREAT ONE!!! It’s your cross to bear. It’s a very tough position, but you were given the strength, the talent, and the resources to be one of the greatest men to ever walk this earth. Do so in God’s light. Do so wearing the FULL ARMOR OF GOD (Ephesians 6:10-18). Stop leaving your covering and rise up to your platform and calling. God will never give you more than you can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13 NIV). He will never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5 NIV) and is a VERY present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1).

17. Jason Mitchell – Become who God called you to be or face the wrath of God. You cannot run from your calling “Jonah”. You must do what you were set on this earth to do. Fight your demons. Fight your old self and allow your new self to emerge. Stop beating yourself up for your mistakes and take them to God in prayer. You can overcome because you come from a family of overcomers. There are plenty of people in the world that have made the same mistakes as you. Now you must show them how to learn, grow, and move on from pain to pleasure. Be like Robert Downey Jr. with your comeback. It’s not over til it’s over.

18. Cody Decuir – I hear sweet muffins. I don’t know what that means to you, but I Hear that in my spirit. Go forth and prosper. You are the chosen one. You will be enlightened and you will shine brighter than most because of your spirit of excellency!!! God is going to put fresh wind beneath your wings. Use that wind to expand. To glide and to take it all in stride. Your bride is on the way. Sweet muffin cakes….I keep hearing this…I don’t know what it means to you, but God does. Maybe you must go to him in prayer to find out, if you’re not sure already :). I don’t know if this is confirmation or revelation, but just know that God sees you and He is with you in the fire. You are a man of God chosen for such a time as this. Be Blessed King.

19. Darrell Songy Jr. – You can run, but you can’t hide. The Lord knows you and He has called you to excel in life. He will not bless you until He has your full attention. You cannot manipulate God for He looks at the heart. Let Him heal you and Minister to you. Talk to Him put all of your trust in Him. Lean into Him and allow him to be your rock, your guide, and your compass. Push past people and push into the light of God for the wrath of God is deadly.

20. Brandy – You have not lived up to your potential. You have not allowed yourself to heal. You can’t cover up pain you have to push through it. You’re not a mistake. You did not miss the mark. You are not late. You are right on time. God has not forgotten about you. He sees your heart. He knows you behind the veil. He’s smiling down on you and saying I’m proud of you baby girl. Stop being so hard on yourself. I don’t remember your sins. I been forgave you, but you won’t stop beating yourself up. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory and what?! (Romans 3:23 NKJV) We get up we dust our feet off and we start again. You are too talented to sit back and let life pass you by. Who says that your story cannot be told through a television series. Millions of women and young girls around the world can relate to you. They need your heart, your wisdom, and your gifts. Please stop sitting on them. You’re not pushing hard enough. You’re doing good, but it’s time to do GREAT!!! Gird your loins, strap up your boots, and head out on the battlefield where you belong. Maybe that’s exactly where your King will be. The one who will stand up for you and fight for you, but first you must do that on your own. Show the world what you are made of and stop the pity party behind the scenes you’re better than that. You’re better than you even know. Grow sis, blossom girl. God is with you and if He be for you, who can be against you (Romans 8:31NKJV)? I love you sis!!! Keep your head up.

21. Cardi B – Is your love for me still there says the Lord? Don’t forget about me. I gave you the desires of your heart because you make me smile. The Lord has given you the gift of love, now He wants you to give Him his rightful glory. He loves you dearly and tenderly. He wants your heart to be whole. He wants you to be better on the inside. He said that you are sad inside and that it’s gonna be alright. He said “don’t worry about it”, He’s got you. He put you in place to be a voice for those that need it most. You must study to show yourself approved. God is still with you. He is with your mother and father and their prayers are heard in the heavenly realms. God hears them and He hears your silent cries. He sees, he hears, and he’s still on your side. Don’t shortchange Him…He loves you dearly and is so very proud of you. Stay sweet and salty (for we are the salt of the earth…what are we if we lose our seasoning ~ Matthew 5:13-16)?!? 

22. Janet Jackson – Welcome back to the House of the Lord. It’s your time. It’s your time to talk. It’s your time to tell your story. It’s your time to express yourself. You don’t have to cover up the beautiful woman that you are. You are meant to be a blessing and beautiful gift to this world. It is your spirit that outshines any and everything. You’re a beautiful woman inside and out. Be beautiful. Be proud of your good, your bad, your ugly, and your temper. It’s all good mama. Jesus has you in the palm of His hands. You are the difference maker. Your change is infectious and your love will never be wasted. You need a hug a real hug. You will get that. You will get a 10 fold return on everything that you’ve put out since the beginning of time. It is harvest season for you. You will receive an abundance of love, attention and pleasure in these latter days. God Bless you and may you live long and prosper. Be Blessed Queen.

23. J. Cole – Your voice carries weight. Never forget the promises of God. You are the light in the darkness. You are more powerful than ever and your truth will last the test of time. Now you will be tested. Your heart versus your money. What will you do? Lean into God the more and more you grow. Your level of enlightenment is going to outshine those that came before you. They know it, we all see it coming. That’s meant to bring glory to God, to shed light on the darkness, and to prove that all things are possible through God. You are the better man. Now you get to show the world how to be one. A real one. Shine on young brother. 

24. Monica – Your gospel album is where? On the way hopefully :). If you’re called to Ministry why are you running from it?! You can still be you and a Queen in God’s Kingdom. You just need a healthy dose of self-control and a deep desire to continue to win. Break out and be you. You are a blessing. You have a spirit that can help others break the chains off of their lives, but first you must break free yourself. Don’t cover up who you are or dim your light to make others feel comfortable. Walk in your truth. Shine in your truth. Be the Woman of God that God has called you to be…then watch how He will open up a window for you and pour you out a blessing that there isn’t enough room to receive it (Malachi 3:10 KJV). You can master your life. Maybe you will be a counselor to the stars…who knows? You do :). Be Blessed

25. Master P – God is calling you to be a Father of Nations. You are to exemplify fatherhood to the best of your ability. God is saying “don’t be cheap”. You have made it, but now you need refinement. You need to let go of past ways of doing things and allow God to do a new thing in you as He is doing in the world. You are becoming stagnant in your walk with the Lord and He sees the salt. He doesn’t want you to be weighted down with things that don’t concern you. He wants you to elevate. He wants you to come up higher. He says that “you haven’t seen nothing yet” He says “you think that you’re blessed, but he says you’re just scratching the surface”…He says “you stopped” He never did…He wants to give you more…He wants you to look up and take a sabbatical with Him. He has secret plans and gifts that He wants to show and release to you, but you must go further in Him than you have been. I know that it’s tough to keep going when you’ve been punched in the back so hard by life, but God doesn’t care about that. He cares about your soul and he sees the truth. He sees the injustice. He sees the crabs in the barrel mentality. He wants you to break free from the drama and turmoil of life and step into His glorious goodness that is awaiting you. He has millions stored up for you that you haven’t even tapped into yet. He says my son I have PLENTY more for you. Just don’t tap out of it. The race is not given to the swift…. Fight the good fight of faith and enjoy the sweet fruits of your labor. May God grant you the gift of immeasurable strength and resilience. Your glory has only just begun.

One Love! Thanks be to God! He deserves all the honor all the power and all the praise. In Jesus’ name.



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