Mini Miracle

Soooo I was so excited because I had been believing God for a way to pay my bills without having to ask anyone. I was short like $5 and I really didn’t want to have to ask anyone.

So I prayed. Gave it to God and chilled. That’s when he gave me a strategy. I make it sound deep, but it was actually pretty simple.

My bestie has cash app and she loves it. So I thought I’d get me one too. That’s when we remembered the $5 referral deal. So basically if she invites me, I sign up and send $5 we both get sent money in return. So basically once I cash app my first $5 she gets sent $5 and I get sent $10. That was pretty cool. Thankfully she had $5 to help a sista out.

So now I have the $5 I needed to pay my bill and I have $5 to my name. I’m really grateful to God for allowing me to see that strategy especially in the nick of time. The bill was due today so it all worked out. Thank you for being a good God and for answering prayers even as small as this. I’m so grateful to my God.

If he can do it for me he can do it for you.

If you would like to be a blessing to my friend for her being a blessing to me, here’s what we can do. I will give you her cash app sign up code today, BBRNGWB. That way if you decide to sign up for it you both can get free money for something that you were considering doing anyway.

Cash App is a really cool app by the way. I really like their all black debit card too. It makes me feel like a million bucks.

All you have to do to get your free money is download the Cash App, click redeem code, enter her code, send $5 to someone and bam there it is!!!

Check this out if you have $5 to blow then great because you get good practice and a feel for how Cash App works. Plus you get to bless someone by sending them $5. Then receiving double on the back end because you are going to be gifted $10.

Now if you’re like me then you have to find someone you trust like my bestie and do what we did. I got her code BBRNGWB.

This is what she sent me:

Hey! I’ve been using Cash App to send money and spend using the Cash Card. Try it using my code and you’ll get $10.


Cash App Link –

Then I downloaded the app. I added my PayPal account. Then I asked her to send me $5. I was going to give it back, but I needed her to help a sista out first. So she sent me $5 then I sent her $5 back. Once she accepted it we both got paid. I got $10 and they sent her $5 immediately. I hurried up and transferred it to my external account just to see if it was real. I pressed instant deposit for a small fee and it was in there!!! I’m sooo excited and happy about this. You should try it. $10 could go a long way.

Y’all be blessed.


Ms Yvonne