Going From Surviving To Thriving #letstalkaboutit

Photo Source: FBWC

Hey Yall

Tune in to episode 3 that DIVES DEEP into talking about healing, surviving, and thriving after difficult situations.

Have you ever been traumatized? How did you get over it? What advice would you give to others?


Shoutout to my friend Octavia Jackson for introducing me to Elizabeth Smart. To hear more about Elizabeth Smart’s Story click the links below:

Ted Talks – https://youtu.be/h0C2LPXaEW4

CNN – https://youtu.be/Q_49iWYE37c

Nancy Grace – https://youtu.be/5x8ARIxg51I

Yall be cool. Have a Blessed Day and Stay Up! Peace!!


Ms Yvonne

Feel free to comment below and follow me on Instagram and Twitter @msyvonneshow. Thank you in advance for tuning in, liking, and sharing this podcast. I truly appreciate you.



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