Tidal Wave Of Blessings

I had a dream of a tidal wave coming at me. I saw it coming as I was driving on a bridge. I looked right at it in awe as it aimed directly for me. There was nothing that I could do about it, but brace myself for the storm. It was like no one else was on the road, but me. As the wave hit the bridge that I was riding on the entire bridge collapsed. Still I was at peace.

I fell into the water, but I wasn’t afraid. As the waters tossed me back and forth I was able to secure a piece of the broken bridge to stay a float. Then I came across a an opening that I had to jump through in order to live and make it to dry land.

I didn’t know what the dream meant, but I knew that the entire time that I was in the storm I wasn’t afraid. I was so calm and peaceful. It was weird. It was a peace that surpassed all understanding.

It was like the storm was meant to destroy me and my youngest brother, but we made it through. Thank you Lord. He always warns us and gives us a way out.

Could the dream mean that the Lord will send you blessings that will overtake you. What I thought was bad could very well be a tidal wave of blessings. A blessing coming straight towards me. A blessing so big and overwhelming that it shakes up my entire foundation.Β I read this article “Tidal Wave of Promises” by Charisma Magazine. It definitely confirmed what I was feeling in my spirit.

Have you had this vision to? What was your vision like? Have you both seen this and experienced the effects of it coming to pass in your life?



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