What’s Your Plan

Where do YOU PLAN to BE in 5 years???

That’s the question I was asked today as I took a long scorching hot walk to the library. As I was walking, sweating yet enjoying the sun rays a truck pulled up next to me. It was my homie that I hadn’t seen in years. I was so thankful he picked me up to it was starting to get really hot out; he pulled up just in time.

We started talking about life and success. He seemed to be downloading a lot of information that he’s been wanting to get off of his chest. It’s funny how in life there’s so much you can learn if you just sit back and listen.

We were born in this world not knowing everything and we surely leave this world the same way. Maybe that’s why the Bible says to lean not unto your own understanding (Proverbs 3:5) because only God knows all.

Talking with my boy brought a lot of things into perspective. He said most people fail in life because they don’t have a plan. If you want to be successful in life you need a plan. That’s what seperates the losers from the winners.

He said just having talent isn’t enough. You have to have a plan for your life and for your talents. If you say that you want to do something or have something then you have to make a plan in order to achieve it. He said excuses are dead. The blame game is tired. You have to do what you have to do for yourself to be successful no matter what obstacles you face.

That’s what makes a champion. A champion goes through the storm and comes out a winner. Everybody is going to go through ups and downs in life, but it’s how you weather the storm that separates the winners from the losers. Be a winner.

If someone presented you with an opportunity right now would you be ready? If someone wanted to invest 10 million dollars into you what would your pitch sound like? Would they be impressed? If someone asked to marry you what qualities would you bring to the marriage? Would you know what to say?

Do you have a plan??? #letstalkaboutit


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