Are You Prepared To Weather The Storm?

I spoke with my Auntie whom I love. I looked into her eyes as she seemed to drift away into a daze. She began to warn me about preparing for the unexpected. She says you never know what can happen in life, but you should always be prepared for bad weather. She said there may come a point when you can’t leave your house for an indefinite amount of time and you wanna always be prepared.

She said life has taught me how to prepare for those times because they can happen when you least expect them. She even gave me a few pointers on how to weather the storm that I thought were to important to forget and to valuable not to share. Here’s what she told me:

  1. Always keep 3 cases of bottle water on hand – (you may need them to bathe)
  2. Have meat and bread to make sandwiches – (Bread and water can keep you alive)
  3. Keep your favorite sausage on hand – (I recommend Veron Sausage)
  4. Have meals frozen – (in case the power goes out)
  5. Have enough stuff to trade with neighbors – (just in case)

She ended her tips by sayingyou gotta learn how to survive“.

That hit my heart pretty heavy. I’ve been through a few storms in my life, but I’ve normally knew in advance that they were coming. I’ve also stayed in town during a mild hurricane, which left me without power for days. I’ve even been broke enough to know what it’s like to starve and wish I had food to eat. From now on I will always plan for the unexpected. Being prepared for a rainy day is essential to surviving. Think about it “if you don’t know how to survive, how will you live”?




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