Write The Vision & Make It Plain

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where I would like to see myself in the next 5 years???

I found this question to be very profound.  The reason why is the last time I was asked this question, I answered it from my heart.  I did not write the vision down, but because I had said it publicly someone remembered what I said.

When the 5 years came to pass and I put in my two weeks notice at my job to pursue the calling on my life, a co-worker walked up to me.  She said “Yvonne, do you remember what you said to us when we asked “where would you be in 5 years?” “.  “No” I said.  Forgetting all about that time.  She said well you said “NOT HERE!!!”.

Knowing me and my boldness I knew that sounded about right.  I knew I thought it, but I didn’t know it actually came out of my mouth.  I started laughing as I packed up my belongings to lead a life of service.  I looked at the date and sure enough my last day on the job was almost 5 years ago to the “T” that I had accepted my position.

It will be another 5 years this July, since I walked off that job.  First I was afraid, I was petrified, thinking I could ever live a life without my job.  I have since spent the last 5 years of my life serving.  I humbled myself and served in positions that my education was well above.  I worked temporary jobs and contract positions accepting lower pay in order to serve a vision that was greater than my own.  I went out into the community and served the children of God.  I fed the hungry, I comforted those who were hurting, and I sold/gave away all of my belongings to follow a higher calling that was on my life.

God kept tugging at my spirit to do more, to be more, to grow more, and to serve more.  I was no longer interested in doing things for my own self-gratification.  I had achieved everything that I wanted, bought all the things that I desired, and climbed the corporate ladder.  Yet in still I wasn’t satisfied.  Something was missing.  I wanted to give to those who were in need.  I wanted to build alongside those that were great.  I wanted to grow in humility and serve in order to build up the Kingdom of God.

I didn’t know the type of mandate that would be.  I did not know exactly what growing in humility was until I began to allow the Lord to prune my life.  Over time He cut off people, places, and things that were not serving me.  Whether they were unhealthy relationships, dying friendships, or insufficient habits and mentalities that were not serving the greater good.

Today I stand as a brand new woman of God.  When I felt the pulling in my spirit to do something else with my life I stepped out on faith and believed in God to assist me.  Walking along the straight and narrow road got tough and at times I dreaded of life itself; but today I stand in dignity and strength.  I can honestly look you in the eyes with the truth girdled along my waist and say “it was good that I had been afflicted”.

Everything I’ve learned in those 5 years has taught me how to be planted and rooted in God.  God took those 5 years of my life and laid a foundation.  He laid a SOLID foundation.  Now that my foundation has been set it is time for me to GROW UP in love and grace to be tenderhearted.  Always considering how I would feel if the shoe was on the other foot.

I listened to a farmer the other day that had just completed pruning the trees in his field. He said “sometimes the same way I prune my trees God prunes us.  We may not always like it and it doesn’t always feel good, but it is GOOD FOR YOU”.  When God cuts away the dead things out of our lives it gives us a better chance to grow healthier and bear much fruit.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Have you been pruned before (Yes/No)?? Has God called you to a life of service and are you willing to do what it takes for him to lay a solid foundation in your life???


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