Do You Fall Down To Rise Up???

Today I was working in my craft room and a piece of clothing caught my eye.  I had been cutting a pair of pants into pieces to reuse for another purpose.  When I was finished cutting the pieces I needed, I picked the pants up to put them back on the shelf until I needed them again.

When I picked them up I noticed that I had cut off one of the legs.  My mind began to race thinking of how anyone could stand without falling on one leg?  Was it even possible or would you need a crutch or someone or something to carry the weight for you.

I thought about the family and how unstable it is without both people holding it up.  A family was built to BE balanced by the 2 members.  I thought about what would happen if I stood on my hands.  Surely I could walk on my hands, but eventually all of the blood would rush to my head and I wouldn’t be able to stand that way any longer.

I looked in the mirror and I stood with my two legs together and my arms spread wide like a free bird.  I could use my arms to carry.  I could use my hands to grab.  I could use them both to pick up what I wanted to and carry them to it’s final destination.

My legs were my support system and my feet made my body mobile.  I couldn’t imagine life without them.  Although that was almost my fate.  I was born with an abnormal foot. My mother told me that my foot was stuck straight up connecting it to my shin.  Which leads me to believe that something was different about my soleus.

The doctors wanted to cut my foot off, but after a second opinion from a doctor in Germany my foot was saved.  They advised my mother to rub my foot down and eventually it would fall into place.

Does that mean that sometimes we must fall down to rise up???


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