5 Ways To Overcome Being Overweight

Tired of not being as sexy as you wanna be.  I totally understand.  I was in your same position a year ago until I figured out a way for me to lose weight and keep it off forever!   It had been a real struggle going back and forth, yo yo dieting, trying to go to the gym, and beating myself up for gaining so much weight.  I remember feeling so helpless, angry, sad and just down right miserable.  Everyday I thought about my weight, I didn’t want to look in the mirror because it made me sad, I didn’t want to take pictures because they made me look fat, I didn’t want to go around people that pointed out to me how much weight I had gained.  I was sad and I was tired of it.

I knew that I hated dieting and I hated going to the gym.  I just did, but I still wanted to lose weight.  Everything on tv that I had tried and advice from others had not worked for me.  I tried fasting, slimming teas, 3 day diets and everything else to lose weight and lose it fast.  I wanted to close my eyes and open them up and be fine again.  Unfortunately that was not the case.

I asked myself how can I lose weight and keep it off forever?  I had been slim and sexy before and I enjoyed how that felt.  I wanted to get back to that feeling.  I wanted to be able to put anything on again and not worry about trying to hide certain pieces of my body.  I wanted to be sexy again!! Being fat, chubby, or whatever you wanna call it was not for me.  I was not happy and I did not want to continue to look the way I did.

I decided once and for all that I was done with being fat and I was going to do something about it.  I was going to follow my own plan, my own heart, and do what worked best for me.  I wanted to do something to lose weight that I could maintain for the rest of my life.  And I didn’t want to starve! That was not an option.

If you can relate to these feelings then maybe what I did can help you too.  I am not a doctor, physician, or none of those things.  I am an ordinary person who once was fat and now I’m fine.  Now men blow the horn and break their necks to talk to me.  The other day I was walking and a man made 3 New Orleans French Quarter city blocks to talk to me.  If you know anything about the French Quarter and all of its one ways then you know that in a car it is not an easy task to make a city block.  But this man was determined, he said you look so good I just had to chase you, I just had to know you, I just had to talk to you.

I smiled sweetly thinking to myself….I’M BACK!!!!

I’m a pretty simple woman.  I don’t like to make things complicated or too hard.  So here are 5 things that I did that led me down a complete road to success.  Staying committed to these simple things have led me to not only my ideal weight but 5 pounds below it.  I went five pounds under because sometimes I like to be fat and happy.  Meaning I like to pig out and eat snacks in the bed with chip crumbs everywhere and not beat myself up about it.  Having an extra 5 pounds to play around with brings me great joy because I know that even if I gained them I would still be at my ideal weight.

My new life of being slim fine is AWESOME and I want everyone to feel like I feel!!!  I believe that whether you are male or female that if you try these things you will see success.  Everyone is different and you can do whatever works best for you, I encourage that actually, but at the end of the day your happiness is what matters to me.

Here are the 5 things that I did to lose weight and keep it off forever.  I did each thing one at a time until I mastered it, then I moved on to the next.  Before I knew it all 5 things had become a habit.  Losing weight became an everyday thing versus me rushing to get it done in a matter of days.  Everyday that I lost weight I felt better and better.  It encouraged me to keep going and today I am living a life where I eat whatever I want, do whatever I want, and exercise whenever  I want.  It’s perfect for me!! I love my new life.


I had to be honest with myself first.  One day I stood in the mirror with a sports bra on and some tights and I cried.  I looked at all my rolls on my back, under my arms, over my pants etc and I cried.  I cried really really hard because I was sad and in my eyes I looked a mess.  I remember saying I’m just so fat and I’m so sad about it.  Then something said to me who is forcing you to be fat?


I thought about that question and I bust out laughing.  Myself said is somebody putting a gun to your head and forcing food down your throat?  Are you going to sit here and cry like a lil punk because you can’t stop putting food in your own mouth. Myself said, this is not a disease you catch that you can’t get rid of and it’s not something permanent.  Are you going to  let yourself go out like this?? Or are you gonna man up and fix this???


I wiped my tears and I decided that day that I was done being fat and I was gonna do something about it.  My uncle would always yell to my cousin when she was doing something ridiculous…CUT THE CRAP!!!!! I would laugh every time because I thought it was hilarious.  Mainly because he was right, but also because those 3 simple words carried so much weight.

The first thing I decided to do was cut the crap!!!  I decided that I was no longer going to eat things that I thought tasted nasty.  I found myself eating foods and cleaning my plate because I didn’t want to hurt people’s feelings when I knew the food was nasty.

NO MORE!! I thought to myself.  If I was gonna eat something it was only going to be foods that I liked and that tasted good.  I wasn’t going to waste my calories on nasty food.


At one point in my life I would eat what was on my plate because it was there.    Whether it tasted nasty or not, my goal was to clean my plate just because.  Whether or not I liked it I just continued to eat it anyways.  Then I learned about calories.  I learned that if your body eats under a certain amount of calories a day it was guaranteed to lose weight.  I was like woahhhhh, who knew!!! This was exciting for me to learn.  I learned that it didn’t matter what I ate as long as I stayed under a certain number.  That was an epiphany for me at the time!

So I downloaded an app on my phone called the Lose It app.  It was awesome because it showed me my exact number of calories that I needed to stay under  in order to lose weight.  Which was determined after I entered my weight, age, and height.  It also showed me what each food’s calorie number was and it gave me an option to record my meals for the day.

I was excited because the more nasty foods I cut out of my diet the more calories I saved.  I would also purposely not eat certain things so I could save calories for stuff I really enjoyed like ice cream!!!


This is the most straight forward weight loss tip that one could possibly do.  It seems like a no brainer, but for me it took a while for the light bulb to come on.  I would eat because I was bored, I would eat because I was sad, I would eat because it was there, I would eat because it was tradition.  But all of that overeating was causing me to be overweight. So many times I would hear that “you have to eat 5 balanced meals vs 3” or some other mumbo jumbo that made me feel like if I didn’t eat I was going to die.  So I used it as an excuse to continue eating.  Then I realized that wasn’t working for me.

I thought to myself…with all this food stored up in me surely my body could afford to live off of itself for awhile.  I figured all of my rolls were filled up with excess food anyways, so why force myself to eat when I wasn’t even hungry.  Some days I would go the whole day and not eat because I didn’t feel like it or I was too busy, or I just wasn’t hungry.  The media made me feel as though something tragic would happen to me if I did this.  Well guess what I’m still alive!!

I no longer have a set time to eat.  I listen to my body.  If my body says I’m hungry lets eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then that’s what I do.  If my body says ok I’m full, then I stop.  I cover my plate up and I come back to it when my body says I’m ready to eat again.  The great part about it is that it’s exciting because I began to feel like I’m eating more often, but actually eating less.

I love to eat!!! I’m from New Orleans I love food!!! It’s awesome especially when it’s delicious.  Now I live my life eating when I want and stopping when I’m full and my body thanks me for it by staying slim, burning calories, and looking better and better everyday.


green squiggly line

You may say hey you never mentioned anything about working out or going to the gym.  That’s because I didn’t have to do those things.  My brother, a college football player, told me that I didn’t need to workout to lose weight, but that I needed to focus on what I was eating. He was soooo right and guess what??? I didn’t step foot into the gym not one time.

What I did do was start to feel so good that I would take a joy walk up the street.  I started to feel so good that I would ride my bike for the fun of it.  I had so much energy that I would go to the park and play like a little kid again.  Not because I had to, not because I was “working out”, but because I was too happy to stay inside and be sad.  Life is great!!! I didn’t need a fancy diet or extreme workout plan to lose weight.  I simply had to GET MY MIND RIGHT!!

Now I’m living the life that I’ve always wanted to live and I hope that you can do the same.  I pray that my testimony will inspire you to wake up the inner child in you and encourage you to do what works best for you.  That way you can achieve the best you that YOU DESIRE TO BE!!!



Ms Yvonne


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