Get Yo Mind Right Monday – All Scrambled Up


Wow, I’m excited!! You actually clicked on this link to read what I have to say… That’s so exciting!  Thank you sooo much, you rock!! Well I hope that you are having a fantastic day.  I am, but of course everyday is a good day 🙂 I WILL REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT… OKAY…

Well ladies and gents today is Get Yo’ Mind Right Monday!! My favorite day to just sit back and get my mind right.

green squiggly line

So here I am sitting with a friend staring at the birds.  My friend says “you know…. bird watching is so much fun”.  (I could tell that they were uneasy about saying it, cuz that’s just not the kinda stuff black folks be talking about lol)…

In turn, I said “you know what…You Right!!”. (I’m from the South so I plan to write like how I talk, yah heard me :).

So anyways, my friend begins to tell me how one day they got attacked by some black birds.  I’m like whattt.. (cuz I neva met someone who actually got attacked before so I’m all in it) So they like yeah!  Every time I went to take a smoke break they would chase me from around the building.  They said.. “I knew it had to be more though then just me standing outside smoking because I wasn’t doing anything to them.  So I finally looked up and sure enough I was standing up under a bird’s nest.  Must’ve been the mother protecting her eggs.  She wasn’t joking around” they said in a funny, but super serious way.

After I finished laughing at my friend for getting chased by a bird, and inadvertly trying to give her new borns respiratory infections… I thought about breakfast.

Yeah that’s right, I thought about all the delicious ways to eat an egg and how much I love them in the mornings.  I thought about how good I had gotten with making them over easy and seasoning them just right.  I thought about how sometimes I would scramble them and add a little green, orange, and yellow peppers with some butter in a pan and let them seasonings soak in.  I thought about how I scrambled up some eggs to make sure the batter stuck ever so evenly across my fresh water fish fillets and how when you bite into it, it just has that crunch.  Yes I am guilty of all of these things…..crimes even.

Here it is this bird mother is fighting for her kids life, yet here I am scrambling two in the morning like it’s nothing…  Murderer!! That’s what I told myself in the mirror.

How would you feel if someone stole your babies and treated them like they were NOTHING

When they were EVERYTHING to you?



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