Know Yourself….Know Your Worth

Ohhh I had to repost this video by Trent Shelton called “Don’t Force It”…

This happened to me. I fell in love with a person who could careless about me and my value and what I brought to the table. He was more concerned about his image to the world and loyal to those who could basically careless about him. But I tried, I tried to stay, tried to help, tried to call, tried to stay available, tried to motivate him and do everything in my power to lift him up and in the end I was completely depleted. I didn’t realize at the time that all I was doing was sacrificing my own worth and what I really wanted i.e settling for less.  When what I really wanted was a man that would recognize my value and treat me as tho he had found a rare pearl and was willing to sacrifice it all to care and nurture that gift.
It was hard to let go because he was to selfish to provide closure and it left me in a state of trying to figure out what the what was going on. How did we go from being super happy to never speaking again. I look back now and realize OMG girl you did wayyyyyy too much. If a person wants you, values you, and wants to be with you… you won’t ever have to chase them.
I’m happy that I was able to bounce back and not let my broken heart stop me from loving me, doing me, and pressing forward toward the mark of the high calling.  I also had to forgive myself for falling for the wrong man.  It happens sometimes, but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.
Now I’m on to better days, brighter days, and bigger things!!!!!
Just wanted to share my testimony with you guys in hopes that it will inspire you to recognize your worth and not settle for anything less than what God has in store for you.  Even if it hurts, even if you cry, even if you were loyal to the wrong person by mistake.  God can restore everything that the enemy stole from you.  You are worth it!  You are valuable!  There’s no one in the world quite like you.  So own it and be proud of the person that you are.  Your blessings are on their way :).  Don’t settle…you can do this!  I believe in you ;-).
Ms Yvonne

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